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Branding and graphic design

Australian Probiotic Solutions

Company overview

Providing a range products with High Performance Probiotics for healthy animals and productive farms.

The products are designed to boost the overall health of farm animals -including sheep and goats but predominantly for calves, dairy and beef cattle. Australian Probiotic Solutions (APS) break up their products into two sub-brands, BiOPRO (for mature animals) and NUTRiFARM (for younger animals such as calves) and also carry a range of products distributed by Dasco. 


The business owner was finding there was confusion around the brand and its relationship with the high performance probiotics used in the products, and the sub-brands which identify the types of products. 


Restructure the brand. We started at the top, refining the APS logo to be more identifiable and memorable with the use of the abbreviation, and more relatable to the probiotics by changing the shapes used to create the ‘Australia’ icon.  The positioning of the type and icon makes strengthens their connection.

Second from the top were the sub-brands. The solution was simple, change the font to the same used in APS. The dot that created ‘Tasmania’ in the icon was also more obviously found in the sub-brands now above the ‘i’ in each. They continued the main colour and then each took on their own colour to distinguish between all logos and flow through into the branding.








Previous APS logo and sub-brands.

New brand structure and logo suite.

Branding created from logo elements and the farms and animals the products are produced for, applied to brochures, packaging and flyers.