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Fresh You

Company overview

Founded by two local nurses, Fresh You is a health clinic specialising in cosmetic injectables.

Tara and Kate saw Fresh You as an opportunity to combine their nursing experiences and interests into wellness health and beauty services, providing indepth health assessments and education as part of the treatment to enhance outcomes and client confidence.

While the focus of cosmetic injectables is rejuvenation of the aesthetic antiaging appearance of clients, there are many additional different treatments and services to relieve other medical issues such as excessive sweating, migraines and teeth grinding.

All services offered have the aim to boost client confidence and create a ‘fresh you’.


Tara and Kate’s careers in nursing lead them to form a partnership, utilising their experience as medical professionals with their interests in wellness health and beauty services to offer cosmetic injectables. Their nursing backgrounds meant they can personally administer the injectables, and complete the treatments from consultation to the end result. They had the skillset, passion, drive and even a business name, but no idea on where to start to give their brand a visual identity.¬†


We got to know the girls backgrounds and interests, conducted our own research into the industry and created a brand unique to anything else out there and, most importantly, unique to Tara and Kate. Our goal was to create a brand that was positive, fun and uplifting much like the environment the girls wanted to create within their clinic.

We created a line drawing graphic of a face as the brand icon which highlights key areas of the face cosmetic injectables can be used to enhance – around the eyes, cheeks and lips. The font and colours have a retro, energetic and confident vibe. The retro era is applied to the imagery giving a sense of timeless beauty. Quirky phrases were created to compliment the visuals.



Logo Design


Graphic design

Social Media elements 


Suite of templates and post tiles designed for use on social media.
Examples with text and without text – leaving space for text to be updated by the client.