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Branding, strategy and graphic design

Fruit Growers Victoria

Organisation overview

Fruit Growers Victoria Limited (FGV) provides a voice for growers, packers and exporting businesses across the North-East, Central and Southern growing regions of Victoria including the Goulburn Valley, Yarra Valley, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula, Central Highlands and High Country.

FGV is a not-for-profit organisation, governed by a Board of Directors and delivers its services with a highly experienced Operations Team.

FGV is your first point of contact for Victoria’s apple, pear (pomefruits) and stone fruit industry, working with their members towards a sustainable future for fruit growers and the horticulture industry across Victoria.


FGV wanted to grow their connections with both growers and partners to continue to build a sustainable future for the Victorian fruit grower and horticulture industry. They came up with two packages in order to do so but needed help to communicate the information in an informative and interesting way.


A successful design is one which communicates a message/s to a target audience in a simple way – so the message is clear and understood.

In order to achieve this for FGV, we focused on breaking up the information into sections and then down further into sub categories, including dot points, presenting it in ways potential members could easily understand. We also highlighted key statistics, created icons and sourced images to support the content and make it asthetically pleasing.

The design also takes the printing budget into consideration and allows the document to be printed in-house or emailed.



Copy writing

Communication strategy



The Grower Membership Package highlights member benefits be breaking them up into categories and listing as dot points in each.

Please note the information has been changed and blurred deliberately to keep packages confidential to existing and prospective partners and only.

The Partnership Package has multiple membership options so we created a table to instantly show potential members the benefits available in each option.

Please note prices have been removed and details blurred to keep packages confidential to existing and prospective partners.