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Branding, marketing and graphic design

Shepparton Festival

Festival overview

Every year during March, the Shepparton Festival invites the Goulburn Valley community, their friends and family to enjoy arts, culture, music and food. Our goal is to build on previous successes with out-of-the-box thinking.

There is something for everyone at Shepparton Festival. With over 60 events across numerous GV venues and over 24,000 attendances, it brings the community together to celebrate not only art but also our diversity, history, and region strengths.

The festival encourages audiences to look at their region positively and to be inspired by the festival experience. It fosters connections to the environment and with each other, and challenges artists, community groups and organisations, as well as businesses to engage with each other.


Now in its 24th year, the Shepparton Festival is a mainstay on the Goulburn Valley events calendar. Whilst its rich history has created a festival-faithful, the board and management were looking for growth. Our challenge was to increase brand awareness, grow community participation and more effectively convey the program diversity.


Reposition the brand. We created new branding that is more recognisable. We wrote new language to promote it and built brand parameters to more effectively convey the festival’s exclusive offering – ‘unique events, unusual places’.

We wrote and executed an end-to-end marketing budget and plan, achieving greater reach and frequency with improved cost effectiveness.


Program & pocket guide design
Posters & signage design
Media buying
Advertising creative
Editorial & press releases
Redesign the website homepage
Database management
Design & manage email campaigns
Social media content & posting

The logo is applied to stationery and promotional banner (below) to promote the festival only. It shows the brand stripped back with no reference to any year or theme. These banners would be used at events that are part of the festival so people understand the connection between the festival and event.

Evolve 2020

The theme for the 2020 festival is Evolve. A ‘call to create’ was sent out asking all local artists to submit artwork based on this theme to be used as the cover for the event guide and set the branding for the 2020 festival.

The winning artwork pictured right, was created by artist, Rachel Doller.

“My work is a celebration of the evolution of this amazing place we call home, into a truly diverse and exciting region. The mixed media collage is a harmonious collection of elements: geometric and organic shapes, bold colour combinations and expressive pattern, line and texture. The work aims to honour this place of opportunity, community and culture and the people that inhabit it, inspiring fun with a child-like creative energy but, above all, aims to explore the evolution of our region’s modern landscape with its dynamic mix of people, places and experiences.”
– Rachel Doller, Artist.

The pocket guide (below) follows this theme into the graphic design styling for all marketing material. The design takes shapes and colours from the artwork to form a brand.