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Swiss Bakehouse

Company overview

The Swiss Bakehouse has been in operation for many years. The name originating from the Swiss ingredients used in the bread, which came from the original Baker’s mother who was from Switzerland.

Range of products include pastries, cakes and coffee. They specialise in fresh, traditional, home-baked bread which is full of flavour and also have gluten free options


The business changed ownership and the new owners wanted to create a brand that would be inviting to people and entice them to look at the building and want to walk in. The added plans of extending the product range and opportunity to sell wholesale to other cafes, also called for a brand that would build trust and recognition.


The new logo is simple, clean and traditional. The icon moves away from the focus on the word ‘Swiss’ as the new owner wasn’t involved in the bakery’s history. The main message comes from the word ‘bakehouse’ – which the graphic is symbolic of ‘bake’ and ‘house’ pictorially combined. The graphic also highlights the main product bread, with the wheat swish, adding the historical reference to Swiss.


Logo design