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Branding, print and web

The Bridge Youth Service

Company overview

The Bridge Youth Service work with young people aged between 12 and 25 to increase their sense of belonging and create a community connection with value and respect and believe in their power to change their situations.

Our mission: Create opportunities that value and empower young people, build family harmony and foster supportive communities, enabling all young people to reach their full potential.

Our key areas of support include housing assistance, school and education support, family relationships and pregnancy, parenting and family services.

Programs run through The Bridge Youth Service are funded through the Victorian Government, Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education & Training as well as fundraising activities and grants from other sources.


The old logo was outdated since it’s initial creation and messages were being misinterpreted so it was decided to rebrand with emphasis on modernising the logo and simplifying key messages, to support future use and promote positive outcomes.


The new logo focus is on the letter ‘u’ in the word youth. This brings emphasis to the word ‘youth’ being the key audience and also plays into how youth abbreviate words and actions to their simplest form – so ‘U’ instead of ‘you’. The word ‘you’ is also found in ‘youth’ but just focusing on the letter ‘u’ brings all the connections together in a simpler way.

Simple icons are often youth centric so the ‘u’ can also be used as a stand alone icon.

The colour scheme uses 4 colours symbolic of the 4 key areas of the organisation.


Logo design
Annual Reports
Banners and Posters


Branding taken online with a new website with easier navigation and more options for youth or those wanting to get involved or find out more. Visit thebridge.org.au
Various print based material was developed to roll out the new branding, messages and positive outcomes. This includes, annual report, DL brochures, posters and banner designs.