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Branding and signage

Urban Wrap & Grill

Company overview

Located on a popular corner within the Shepparton Marketplace shopping centre, the shop front flows from making a wrap or baked potato with protein then onto a salad bar with the coffee machine at the end near the til.

Suitable for the health conscious with protein grilled and cooked to order plus plenty of salad options along with the classic baked potato. Combos and meal deals also on offer to add value and cater for bigger appetites.

Quality coffee and a variety of drinks on offer too.


Formally known as, Trios, owners, Jason and Lisa, were looking to move away from chain store limitations and create a brand of their own, while maintaining the current menu due to its popularity. The aim was to attract a broarder range of consumers without losing the trust of their existing customer base.


The brand is centred around the letter ‘U’. The obvious reason is it’s the first letter of the new brand, Urban Wrap and Grill, but also it’s the shortened version of the word ‘you’, speaking directly to consumers.

The friendly and casual appearance of the lettering with the thick strong lines, curves, warm colour (orange) and complimenting handwritten font, stands to not alienate existing consumers as it keeps the familiar feeling of fresh, taste, quality and trust.


Logo design


The letter ‘U’ to be used inside a circle (symbolic of a wrap, acting as the brand’s key message and drawcard from the menu) as a standalone icon to simplify the brand, boost recognition and to identify core products and potential future items with the addition of supporting text.